Our advanced Speech Analytics offer 
the best performance and a high service level 
to meet the modern challenges in the call center business. 

  • Speaker Diarization 

Recognize different speakers in one conversation, enabling precise transcriptions (agent and customer) 

  • Custom Lexicon Dictionaries 

Correct transcript accuracy by adding industry specific keywords to a lexicon layer 

  • Confidence and individual 

 Monitor accuracy by score of sentence and individual words

  • Technical equipment 

Headphones or a mobile device to speak. We work with 8 KHz Mono or stereo data. For specific requirements we support 16 KHz mono and stereo data.

  • API-support

HTTP/HTTPS/Socket-API will support all interfaces.

Secure environment

We handle thousands of calls in a secure enterprise environment. We guarantee 90% accuracy with our custom-built speech models. 

The solution is also available for customers with sensitive data and a high degree of trust, like banking, fin-tech or government.


What about accuracy?

Accuracy is subject to quality of data being processes with our speech engine. 

We provide higher accuracy on every dataset than any other provider. We use language and industry specific data models.  

Searchable and editable

Automated speech to text with summary keywords, highlights and full audio transcripts. 

Access the full potential of your audio and video content by converting it into searchable, editable and interactive transcripts. 

Convert hours of audio and video to text within minutes. 

Solutions for every language

We specialize in providing speech to text solutions for every language with special emphasis on local languages. 

Our products are specifically designed to ensure positive user-interaction for virtual communications. 

MultiLingual Speech Recognition System 

We provide an accurate and reliable way to convert your speech to text in just a second. 

 We create an environment where your  devices get more interactive than ever before. 

We provide the easiest and quickest modes of communication through the best voice translator on the market.

Sentiment engine

Is the customer angry or pleased? Our solution capture the sentiment, pitch and tone of the customer.